Multimodal Preclinical Imaging System for Drug Discovery and Development

Multimodal preclinical imaging enables tracking physiologic and structural changes together in vivo, for highly efficient longitudinal studies of disease progress and drug distribution, delivery and therapeutic response. The ability of this imager to perform both SPECT and PET + CT in a single instrument and a single scan is both time and cost-effective and makes possible the detection of multiple tracers and molecular events at once under the same physiological conditions. It reduces by a half the total scanning time by performing both imaging techniques simultaneously with ultra-high resolution and high sensitivity capabilities (0.25 mm (SPECT), < 0.8 mm (PET))

Innovate your Research Performing Multi-Isotope Imaging at the highest Level of Resolution and Sensitivity

The imager allows to: (1) visualize, quantify and localize dynamic processes down to parts of organs and tumors (2) perform longitudinal studies, (3) reduce labor and number of animals that need to be sacrificed compared to post-mortem tissue biodistribution studies, and (4) perform simultaneous multi-probe imaging.


Speed New Therapeutics from the Lab to the Clinic with a Thorough Image of Molecular, Anatomic, Pharmacokinetic and Therapeutic Action In Vivo

Advanced preclinical imaging solutions for a broad spectrum of application fields, such as oncology, neurology, cardiology, inflammation, infectious diseases, cancer research, functional and anatomical neuroimaging, and cardiac imaging.