Our Imaging Lab

Our primary research mission is to provide imaging expertise and resources to move drug discovery projects further and understand the biodistribution of probes in vivo.

The Preclinical Imaging Lab is located at the Centre for Comparative Medicine (CCM) – the primary animal research facility in British Columbia – and includes space to house animals, perform necessary pre-imaging procedures, state-of-the-art in vivo imaging scanner (VECTor/CT) and the most up-to-date anesthesia, physiological support, and monitoring equipment. Because SPECT and PET requires radioactive probes, CCM has specific building design considerations for the use of radioisotopes and personnel safety in the imaging environment.


The Imaging Lab is strategically located across TRIUMF, Canada’s National Laboratory for Nuclear and Particle Physics Research, which houses the radiochemistry facilities associated with imaging and can produce custom radionuclides. The radioisotope production facility at TRIUMF and our lab are connected with a direct underground hydraulic tube line. This pressurized tube allows the delivery of vials with freshly prepared radioactive isotopes directly from TRIUMF to the Imaging lab at CCM facility within 10 seconds.

The lab is also equipped with a fumehood for the preparation of radiopharmaceutical injections/phantoms, a Packard Cobra II gamma counter, a BioDex Dose Calibrator, Geiger Counters and a lead cabinet for the management of radioactive waste.